Welcome to Spinning Straw: Fairy Tales for Women

Join Lisa Marchiano in her new online community for women.

About Spinning Straw: Fairy Tales for Women

Why Spinning Straw: Fairy Tales for Women?

Spinning Straw brings together women navigating personal transformation. Together, we'll  explore the wonder and wisdom of fairy tales, so that we can find solace in shared experiences, tap into our resilience, and embrace the magic in everyday life.

The group is the newest project of Lisa Marchiano, author, psychoanalyst and co-host of This Jungian Life podcast - come and join us!

Please note - the joining process does not work from the Mighty networks app (although the app is great after you join!). Please join from a web browser such as Chrome, Safari or Firefox, not from the app. 

Inside the Group...

Here are a few of the things you’ll be able to do as a member of Spinning Straw: Fairy Tales for Women:

  • Connect with women undergoing similar transformations, finding solace in shared experiences.
  • Ignite your resilience by exploring enchanting fairy tales and delving into their wisdom.
  • Embrace the magical aspects of your everyday life, inspired by the community support.

When You Join Today

When you join Spinning Straw: Fairy Tales for Women today, you’ll get access to our:

  • Fairy tale of the month: Each month Lisa Marchiano will share a fairytale (you can read the story or else listen to Lisa's audio recording). There will be prompts for journaling and discussion that will deepen your insights about the fairy tale and help you apply the story's medicine to your own life.
  • Live fairy tale event: At the end of the month, Lisa Marchiano will host a live event where we can share thoughts, insights and dreams inspired by the fairy tale of the month. Event times will change but as a rough guide, will be between 12-3pm US ET (making them manageable for other US timezones and for UK/Central Europe).
  • A recorded guided meditation will be included each month, based on the tale.
  • Community: meet other women on journeys of growth and empowerment. You'll have the companionship, conversation and support you need to stay focused on your personal goals.